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audience score – 161097 votes;
stars – Ruth Negga;
genre – Mystery, Sci-Fi;






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The movie flat lines 30 mins in when you guess the plot and story line. The deconstruction and reconstruction of the character as one of the reviewers put it was surely on point. the screen does make believe we dealing w/ an Instellar genre type movie but then it detours to daddy issues and child hood flashbacks you need to call “TOD” of the script. The backdrops are amazing crazy realistic and not so far out that we think we watching “total recall. br>
It’s not a SCi-Fi movie more of a drama vs physiological issue vs. spec ops character whose out to save the world and given a chance to become human again. good move not for the sci-fi fans more for the drama / soul searching fans. br>
Brad Pitt was on form but he shouldn’t do another space movie of this caliber again.

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